Kindle reader doesn’t support Barnes & Noble ebook , B&N ebook have Barnes & Noble’s eReader DRM, sometimes called Secure eReader format.

this is tutorial how to read NOOK book in Kindle :

1.Remove B&N DRM using NOOK DRM Removal,  Download and install it.

2. Run NOOK DRM Removal , remove drm and create a new epub file.

3. Convert new epub file to Mobi format  using open source software called Calibre Download here

4. Run Calibre, add new epub file into Calibre, then convert to MOBI format that support by Kindle 3.

5. Upload mobi file to Kindle 3.

other tutorial :

How to convert Kindle AZW to EPUB/PDF/RTF/TXT format?

How to remove DRM from Barnes Noble B&N ebook?

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