Kindle DRM Removal quickly and easily remove Kindle ebook DRM protection with 1-click. it produce a new AZW file that user can convert to EPUB/PDF/TXT/RTF format ebook using Calibre,  read them on iPad, NOOK, Sony Reader or other device without limitation, user also can print converted Kindle ebook. It is very easy to use, just 1-click to decrypt Kindle ebook.

v4.23.10818 released! new book 2023 support!

If you want to read Kindle ebook in Sony e-reader that bought from, you will feel pain that Kindle ebook has DRM protection prevent you to do that, then you have probably discovered how annoyingly restrictive DRM technology is. You can try our software that removes Kindle DRM easily, convert it to other format that you can enjoy on practically any capable e-reader device.

Key Features

  • One-click converter.
  • No quality lose, the same quality as source ebook.
  • Create a .azw ebook without DRM, no need to backup the source files.
  • Decrypted .azw file supported by Calibre.

.KFX-zip file

.kfx-zip is new KFX kindle book, you can rename to .zip and unzip to a folder, share that folder as kindle book. if you want .mobi file, should downgrade kindle for pc to old version v2.0, look at Downgrade Kindle for PC to v2.0 v1.40.

DrmException: Invalid file format – Kindle drm removal
Kindle Converter FAQ

Download Kindle for PC 2.0 Download Kindle for Mac from amazon

Download kindle ebook in Kindle for Pc

1). User should download and install amazon free app Kindle for pc or Kindle for Mac, latest version is NOT support, download kindle for pc old version v2.0,
Kindle for PC 2.0

Video – Download ebook in Kindle for Pc

Video tutorial to download Kindle ebook into Mac Windows

Tutorial and FAQ


Kindle for PC

Amazon released a Kindle for PC app, available as a free 5.17MB download for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Much like the Kindle for iPhone app, Kindle for PC syncs your Amazon e-book downloads and shows them on your computer for convenient reading either when you’re away from your svelte e-book reader or if you chose not to buy it in the first place.

Though not necessarily revolutionary, the Kindle for PC app does the job. Among other benefits, it syncs your last read page with Whispersync, syncs Kindle notes, and promises to utilize Windows 7’s touch technology, allowing readers to pinch-zoom, and, in future releases, turn pages with finger swipes. Amazon is reportedly working on the ability to create notes and highlights on your PC and a search function. What you can’t do is view blogs, newspapers or magazines — not a big whoop given you’ll be at your computer, but still…

Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite seemed ideal for me for a number of reasons. It offers far fewer distractions than a tablet, it’s backed by Amazon’s massive ecosystem, and most importantly, it packs the company’s latest E Ink innovation: a glowing, front-lit display. it’s one of the best E Ink displays on the market, and might possibly be the best thanks to that new lighting. The higher resolution of the display is also a noticeable improvement. Text and line art look extremely crisp on the screen, and even detailed images like panels in a comic book popped.

How to copy PDF ebook to ipad?

How do you get those PDFs onto the iPad, and how do you then access them within iBooks?

You can do it like music or video files.

Open up iTunes and plug in your iPad. Now simply drag and drop the PDF file into the top left portion of the iTunes main window:

Connect iPad to itune.

Now go to the “Books” area and you’ll see the PDF file shows up:

As with other content, you’ll want to check “Sync Books”, then most likely also choose “Selected books”, then make sure that the check box is marked adjacent to each and every PDF you want to have on your computer. Click “Sync”.

Now the fun part: once the sync is done, launch “iBooks”. You’ll see your PDF file on the bookshelf:

Tip: If you don’t see it, note that on the top left you can choose between “Books” and “PDFs”. Make sure you have PDF selected…

Tap on the PDF file, reading ….

Kindle DRM ebooks on Android phone

Do you want to read Kindle ebook on Android phone? Kindle ebook has proprietary format that doesn’t support by other e-reader.

But the truth of the matter is that’s not completely true. Technically other e-reader can display Kindle ebooks in their native format, even Kindle DRM eBooks.

Kindle DRM Removal is tools to remove drm protection from Kindle ebooks, it create a .mobi file that was able to convert to text/epub/PDF using calibre, this is tutorial about remove drm from Kindle drm ebooks.

1. Downloading Kindle drm removal
What you need to do is to visit, download and install Kindle drm removal

Run Kindle drm removal
select mobi file to decrypt, you navigate to the folder containing Kindle ebook files, it should be in folder “C:\Users\your-name\Documents\My Kindle Content” folder.

if this mobi file is copy from Kindle reader, then you should input PID of Kindle, you find it at “Home->Menu->Device Info->Serial Number”

Remove drm
click “Remove” button, it will create a new mobi file that can convert to other format using Calibre, you read it anywhere.