PDF Reader Converter is tools remove DRM protection from Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server for PDF file, it create a new non-DRM PDF file with 1-click, the new PDF file can read in Windows,Mac without limitation, user also can print PDF file. It is very easy to user, just 1-click to copy DRM book.

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V3.0 Released !
* support new version Adobe Acrobat Reader .
* support text search, copy .

Key Features

  • One-click converter.
  • Work with Adobe Reader.
  • PDF has captured image page from Adobe Reader.
  • Text function support, search and select copy.
  • Create a new non-drm file, no need to backup the source files.

Support PDF

  • DRM PDF from Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server
  • All other DRM PDF file opened in Adobe Reader.


Download for Windows 1.2M

Adobe® LiveCycle® Policy Server

Adobe® LiveCycle® Policy Server software enables you to apply rights management policies directly at the document level, so you can control who has access to the information and what the person can do with it. Most importantly, you can update or revoke these access and usage rights at any time, even if the document has been distributed outside the organization, so you can exchange your most sensitive and valued information with greater confidence and protect regulated information while collaborating in a global environment.

Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server offers a multiplatform, multiformat solution for dynamic, persistent, and robust document rights management — greatly reducing costs and risks of protecting and controlling sensitive information. It also integrates with existing enterprise infrastructures, including existing authentication and enterprise content management (ECM) systems for cost-effective, centralized document protection, control, and policy administration.

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VBK to PDF – Vitalsource Downloader Mac

New Vitalsource Downloader Mac v2.0 is Safari Extension, it work with Safari browser, download Bookshelf book to pdf with 1-click, this is step by step guide.

1. Download, install and run Vitalsource Downloader Mac.

click “open safari extension preferences” button to turn on extension in Safari.

Edit website

2. Open book in Safari, wait it ready to download

In safari, open a new Safari window by Menu “File->New Window”,

in App, when Extension turn on, it show above image, click “Goto Vitalsource” to login Bookshelf, open book,

login Bookshelf in Safari browser, open book,

When App get information about book, it show above image, it is ready to download.
if App doesn’t get book info, click “Reload book” button to reload page and send book to App,

3. Download book

Switch to Safari, click icon in Safari toolbar to popup window, click Download button to start downloading,

it will go through all pages one by one, if Page stuck over 3 minutes, click “reload book” button to resume download,

user also can stop it anytime to take one day break, next time open same book and download rest pages.
if captcha show up, user clear captcha and downloading will continue automatically .

4. Build book

when all pages downloaded, it will create pdf file and show PDF path,

5. Turn off Extension

Turn of extension in safari Preference Extensions tab, Bookshelf app may close itself.

How to Remove Kindle DRM in Kindle app v2.0

new version Kindle converter will support Kindle for pc v2.0,

  • for new kindle book , We suggest install v2.0, converter works great with v2.0 kfx format file.
  • Kindle app may update automatically even turn off update option, check kindle app version first when failed kindle book, if kindle app updated, just downgrade again.

1. Deregister in Kindle for PC to remove all book

click “Tools–Options” in Kindle app, Select “Registration” , click “Deregister” button to remove all downloaded book.

Select “General” , uncheck update automatically, Kindle app always updated even uncheck it, always check kindle app version first when conversion failed.

2. Uninstall Kindle app and download Kindle for PC app v2.0

Uninstall Kindle app, download old version, this is list kindle for pc work with converter.
Download Kindle for PC 2.0

3. Install Kindle Converter Lastest version

download and Install Kindle Converter

4. Re-download book in Kindle app

Close Kindle app first if it running, restart Kindle app, right-click book title, remove book , re-download book into KF8 format to remove drm,

you can deregister to delete all downloaded files in Preference-General-Deregister Kindle for Mac, then re-download book in Kindle for Mac,

5. Run Kindle Converter to remove DRM

run Kindle Converter, import kindle book and click Convert button. it will remove drm and convert to pdf epub file.