Safari Online Downloader is tools to download ebook on with 1-click. it download ebook to pdf file, read them on iPad, Kindle, tablet or other device without limitation, user also can print pdf ebook. It is very easy to use, just 1-click to download computer science book on

new version 1.23.10820 released.

How to Download Safari Online ebook?

How to download Safari Online ebook to PDF?

1). Download and install Safari Online Downloader, it run like a browser, user sign in safari online in webpage, find book to download and open it.

2). User open book in downloader, wait until “Download” button is ready, click download button to download ebook, it takes a while.

3). Downloader go through all book pages , it takes a while.

4). new PDF file created when finished, it saved in My document folder, “doc\ebook converter\safari online downloader\” .

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How to read Vitalsource book in Chrome?

Vitalsource provide web access to user Bookshelf, user can read book in any browser without app installed, visit, click Bookshelf in page,

Login account and goto bookshelf page, click book title to read


if unauthenticated message show up, you should contact with Vitalsource to ask help, vitalsouce will resolve this problem.

How to share Barnes Noble ebook?

Barnes Noble ebooks has drm protection only supported by NOOK, you need to remove drm protection before share epub file to other friend , here’s how to remove drm directly from B&N epub.

NOOK DRM Removal is tools to remove NOOK DRM protection, let user read purchased NOOK ebook in any device.
you can download here :

Download for Windows Download for Mac

1. Download and install NOOK app Nook for PC, download BN ebook in NOOK for PC.

Download ebook in NOOK for pc, click “download” button in NOOK for pc.

2. To start removing drm from B&N ePub files, you’ll need to install NOOK DRM Removal, click the Download link. once you’ve download NOOK DRM Removal, install it as normal.

3.Once setup is complete, run NOOK DRM removal, click “NOOK” button to import ebook into file list in converter

4. Click “Remove DRM” button, first times you need to input your Name of B&N account, and credit card number to decrypt drm protection, it is name in B&N account, not name on credit card, full digital number of credit card, this converter don’t keep these information, only to create a key file for next times.

5. if Name and number is correct, converter will remove drm protection, show it message,

you click “Open output folder” to find new drm free ebook file, now you can open your ePub file in any eReader program, share it to your friend.

Barnes Noble Nook

The Barnes Noble Nook (styled “nook”) is a brand of electronic-book readers developed by American book retailer Barnes Noble, The nook ebook format is specific to the nook, can only be read by the nook, it is new EPUB format file with eReader DRM combination created for the nook, that is different with EPUB with Adobe ADEPT DRM