new version Kindle converter will support Kindle for pc v1.17 or 1.26, user downgrade to v1.17

1. Deregister in Kindle for PC to remove all book

click “Tools–Options” in Kindle app, Select “Registration” , click “Deregister” button to remove all downloaded book

2. Uninstall Kindle app and download Kindle for PC app v1.17 or 1.26

Uninstall Kindle app, download old version, this is list kindle for pc work with converter.
Download Kindle for PC 1.17Download Kindle for PC 1.26 Download Kindle for PC 1.24

3. Install Kindle Converter Lastest version

download and Install Kindle Converter

4. Re-download book in Kindle app

Close Kindle app first if it running, restart Kindle app, right-click book title, remove book , re-download book into KF8 format to remove drm,

you can deregister to delete all downloaded files in Preference-General-Deregister Kindle for Mac, then re-download book in Kindle for Mac,

5. Run Kindle Converter to remove DRM

run Kindle Converter, import kindle book and click Convert button. it will remove drm and convert to pdf epub file.

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