new version Kindle converter will support Kindle for pc v2.0,

  • for new kindle book , We suggest install v2.0, converter works great with v2.0 kfx format file.
  • Kindle app may update automatically even turn off update option, check kindle app version first when failed kindle book, if kindle app updated, just downgrade again.

1. Deregister in Kindle for PC to remove all book

click “Tools–Options” in Kindle app, Select “Registration” , click “Deregister” button to remove all downloaded book.

Select “General” , uncheck update automatically, Kindle app always updated even uncheck it, always check kindle app version first when conversion failed.

2. Uninstall Kindle app and download Kindle for PC app v2.0

Uninstall Kindle app, download old version, this is list kindle for pc work with converter.
Download Kindle for PC 2.0

3. Install Kindle Converter Lastest version

download and Install Kindle Converter

4. Re-download book in Kindle app

Close Kindle app first if it running, restart Kindle app, right-click book title, remove book , re-download book into KF8 format to remove drm,

you can deregister to delete all downloaded files in Preference-General-Deregister Kindle for Mac, then re-download book in Kindle for Mac,

5. Run Kindle Converter to remove DRM

run Kindle Converter, import kindle book and click Convert button. it will remove drm and convert to pdf epub file.

How to remove Kindle .kfx format DRM ?

.kfx is new format is released with the Kindle paperwhite 3, if user download kindle ebook by USB cable, you find this .kfx format file, our converter doesn’t support .kfx format, you get follow error message.
raise DrmException(u"Invalid file format")
DrmException: Invalid file format

We can remove drm from kindle .kfx ebook, the key thing is download ebook in amazon app “Kindle for PC” in windows, or Kindle for Mac in Mac, this is tutorial how to remove drm from .kfx file.

1 Download and install amazon app Kindle for Pc in windows, or “Kindle for Mac” in app store,

2 Run Kindle for Pc, or Kindle for Mac, goto “Library->All items” in Kindle app,

find ebook title right click, select “Download” item to download ebook.

3 Download our converter Kindle Converter or Kindle DRM Removal, run converter,

4 Click “Kindle” button to import ebook file download by Kindle Pc,

you can import “new ebook” only, there is setting at bottom,

5 Click “Converter” button to remove ebook drm file, you get new nodrm file in output folder when it done.

How to remove DRM protection from EPUB ebooks

ePub drm removal – Remove DRM Protection,   a useful DRM removal program which can remove drm from your purchased or downloaded DRM protected epub, was able to convert to pdf format or other format, at high quality. Thus you can enjoy your ebooks anywhere.

It’s time to decrypt those darned Adobe EPUB and PDF’s and rip the Adept DRM out by the roots.

1. download ePub drm removal from, this tools has an easy-to-use interface to help new comers get up to speed.

2. Run ePub drm removal, click Digital Editions to import drm epub files into converter automatically, or click “Open folder” to open Digital editions folder, drag DRM epub file and drop in converter.

for epub file downloaded in digital editions, epub is located at :

for Windows , it is in “My documents\My Digital editons”
for Mac, it is “~/documents/Digital editons”

3. click “Remove” button, a new epub file created without drm protection.

4. Convert epub to PDF format using Calibre, delete origin ebook in Calibre first, then add new drm free ebook into calibre, follow is detail tutorial.

ePub eBook

EPUB is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub.

An EPUB file can optionally contain DRM as an additional layer, but it is not required by the specifications. In addition, the specification does not name any particular DRM system to use, so publishers can choose a DRM scheme to their liking. However, future versions of EPUB (specifically OCF) may specify a format for DRM.

There are a variety of options for publishers who want to create digital editions. Some vendors provide a high service model, where publishers can simply send a pdf and detailed instructions to their vendor. The vendor then creates the digital edition from scratch and provides a high quality product the publisher can offer its readers. Unfortunately, high service comes at a high price. This kind of vendor is ideal for a company with a big budget and no time to get involved in creating a digital edition.

Digital Edition Converter is  a solution that tries to capture  the need of many user to convert digital editions to PDF file without the high cost. Using a highly intuitive wizard model, user can converter their own digital editions ebook in about five minutes.