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Login account and goto bookshelf page, click book title to read


if unauthenticated message show up, you should contact with Vitalsource to ask help, vitalsouce will resolve this problem.

How to convert kfx-zip kfx to pdf/epub/txt format

What’s .KFX-zip file

.kfx-zip is new KFX kindle book, it’s zip file, user can rename to .zip and unzip to a folder, share that folder as kindle book.

Want old .mobi kindle file?

There is 2 way to avoid kfx file and get old .azw file,

Why do you get .KFX-zip file?

.kfx is new kindle ebook format, new version app Kindle for pc download ebook in kfx format, our Kindle Converter create a new nodrm .kfx-zip file when remove drm from kfx kindle file, kfx-zip is zip file that user unzip it to a folder, that folder is nodrm kfx ebook.

How to convert .kfx-zip file?

There is Calibre plugin for .kfx-zip file, download here
after install that plugin, user can convert .kfz-zip format to pdf epub format in calibre.

ePub DRM Removal FAQ

“ADEPT Key Error: Failed to decrypt user key, Wrong Key Fail 8005 problem decrypting session key, this book maybe B&N ebook”

check “Re-build key file” to create new file, then try again.

if new key file doesn’t work, you still get same error, then de-authorized in digital editions and authorized again, do as follow:

1 De-Authorize in digital edition, press CMD+Shift+D in Mac to de-authorize in Mac,

for windows, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to deathorize digital editions,
you also need delete these 2 path in windows registry :


2 Authorize your computer again, go to menu Help -> Authorize Computer

2 Run Converter again.