There is new way to download old kindle ebook format file in latest Kindle for Mac, v1.26, even latest version, so we can still remove drm in new MacOS 10.15 Catalina, we need do some patch on Kindle app to download old format files, this is step by step.

1. Install latest version of Kindle for Mac or update to latest version, v1.26,

2. Patch Kindle app in Terminal

run Terminal app,

copy and paste command follow command in terminal , you need to input password to execute command,

sudo chmod -x /Applications/

if you don’t have password, then run this command

chmod -x /Applications/

3. After patch kindle app, run Kindle app, download old ebook format file in special way.

you remove all priors downloaded books in download section in Kindle app. right-click ebook title in download section and select “Remove From Device” menu item to delete them.

download ebook in special way, right-click ebook title in “All” section, select “Download” menu item to download ebook in old format file, that is KEY thing.

4. Download and Run Kindle Converter, remove DRM and convert to pdf format

run Kindle converter, import Kindle ebook,

select book to convert, click “Convert” button, wait until finish.

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