PDF Restriction Remover Mac is tool to remove restrictions (unlock) of any secure PDF document, it instantly removes owner guard protection from pdf documents and allows users to print, edit, and copy their secure pdf file instantly. Software allows users to print protected pdf files, copy text on clipboard, edit or change document, assemble document, page extraction, sign, comment and copy for accessibility etc.

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Key Features

  • One-click to decrypt PDF.
  • Support Mac Osx 10.6.
  • Create a PDF file without limitation.
  • Remove user password from PDF documents
  • Remove document open password from PDF documents
  • Remove owner password from PDF documents
  • Remove permissions password from PDF documents


Download Mac Version(16M)

PDF security overview

There two types of secured PDF documents: your file can ask for password when opening the document, or, your file opens normally, but some operations are restricted (e.g, printing or editing) and requires password for unlocking it. The first password is known as document open (or user) password, and the second is permissions password (also known as a master or owner password). Adobe Acrobat uses different algorithms to apply PDF security with 40, 128 and 256 bit keys.

  • PDF restrictions are insecure and permissions password could be removed instantly.
  • If open password uses 40-bit keys (Acrobat 3 compatible encryption), it also could be removed with guarantee.
  • Searching for open password with 128 or 256-bit PDF encryption is only possible using PDF password recovery software.

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