Do you want to read Kindle ebook on Android phone? Kindle ebook has proprietary format that doesn’t support by other e-reader.

But the truth of the matter is that’s not completely true. Technically other e-reader can display Kindle ebooks in their native format, even Kindle DRM eBooks.

Kindle DRM Removal is tools to remove drm protection from Kindle ebooks, it create a .mobi file that was able to convert to text/epub/PDF using calibre, this is tutorial about remove drm from Kindle drm ebooks.

1. Downloading Kindle drm removal
What you need to do is to visit, download and install Kindle drm removal

Run Kindle drm removal
select mobi file to decrypt, you navigate to the folder containing Kindle ebook files, it should be in folder “C:\Users\your-name\Documents\My Kindle Content” folder.

if this mobi file is copy from Kindle reader, then you should input PID of Kindle, you find it at “Home->Menu->Device Info->Serial Number”

Remove drm
click “Remove” button, it will create a new mobi file that can convert to other format using Calibre, you read it anywhere.

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